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My Name is Sam is an introduction to Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders developed by the FASD Trust. It contains a story book for children and a guidance section for parents and carers.

50% of the proceeds from this App will go to the FASD Trust to contribute to our work supporting carers and sufferers.

The App is the first in a series by the FASD Trust to 'plug the gap' and give parents and carers a series of tools with which to introduce their child and others to FASD and place the child on a path to success. It is aimed at younger children with FASD and slightly older children with more profound learning disabilities due to their FASD. It may also be shared with friends, family, classmates and others as an ideal introduction to your child and some of the difficulties they may face.

Long-term research in the USA has shown that the children affected by FASD who go on to have positive outcomes as adults are those who know they have FASD, understand it, and can explain it to others. Therefore, the earlier they can begin to understand FASD, the better it will be for them in the long term.

Those affected by FASD will require assistance with some tasks for the whole of their lives. If it can be instilled in them from an early age that is it acceptable to ask for help and that life will be easier for them as they grow up.

We also know it is important that the child affected by FASD is surrounded by a group of people, family, friends, teachers and others, who know and understand FASD and its impact on a person. However, many parents and carers struggle to know when and how to explain to their child that they have FASD. They also find it difficult to explain FASD and their child to others.

For more information on FASD, The FASD Trust and its work and to access more resources, including our nationwide network of family support groups, please look at our website http:www.fasdtrust.co.uk, e-mail us at admin@fasdtrust.co.uk or call us on +44 1608 811599

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