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London’s History is the perfect way to learn about British history and culture through engaging audiovisual lessons and quizzes, with a special emphasis on London. Brought to you by the Museum of London and the City of London Corporation, London’s History is especially designed for people learning English with a particular interest in British History. Users can explore 10 exciting periods of history through reading, listening and video exercises while receiving full vocabulary support.

London’s History Lite offers you the first of 10 exciting periods of British history, Prehistoric London, introducing you to:

  • The life and landscape of prehistoric London
  • Early Humans
  • Stonehenge

Each lesson contains vocabulary exercises, reading, listening or video exercises and quizzes to test your learning. A flashcard system makes vocabulary revision easy and fun and a picture dictionary contains all the words in the course for easy reference.

The app is ideal for anyone wanting to know more about the history of Britain or for intermediate-level English speakers who need a little more practice and support while they learn about Britain. It is the perfect background and or anyone planning a trip to London and is a great accompaniment for visitors to the London Olympic Games who want to get the most out of the London experience.

The full version offers 9 more history lessons covering all the essential periods of London’s history:

  • Roman London
  • Medieval London
  • Tudor London
  • War, Plague and Fire
  • Politics, Trade & Empire
  • Victorian London
  • Wartime London
  • Modern London
  • The City of London Corporation

Key features:

  • Clear, bite-sized lessons covering all the best periods of British history
  • Stunning audiovisual material – images, audio and video
  • Intermediate-level English
  • Vocabulary support to boost confidence with English, with definitions and example phrases
  • Vocabulary flashcards to revisit and review your learning
  • Audio and record function to hear vocabulary from native speakers and compare your own pronunciation
  • Picture dictionary containing all the words from the vocabulary exercises
  • All content offline but videos require connection to download individually
  • Developed in partnership with the Museum of London and the City of London Corporation

Visit the Museum of London: http:www.museumoflondon.org.uk/

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